Husband for hire in Kharkov

Husband for hire in Kharkov - Handyman services in Kharkiv, rent a husband Kharkov

Husband for hire in Kharkov - Handyman services in Kharkiv, rent a husband Kharkov

Husband for hire in Kharkov - Handyman services in Kharkiv, rent a husband Kharkov

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  In our difficult time, not all their problems the women in Kharkov can solve on their own. Private agency "Husband for Hire in Kharkov" offers handyman services in Kharkov - small repairs, rennovations, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, tilers, drivers, personal assistants, helpers and companions and if there is a need just to talk ...

   Masters of the agency "Husband for Hire in Kharkov" can promptly perform minor repairs plumbing and electrical, hang shelves, embed locks, furniture repair and will make the purchase of necessary materials. The company also carries out full-scale repairs of residential and non-residential premises "turnkey", which include tiling, painting, building, demolition, plumbing, drywall, electrical, carpentry, and other kinds of works that can provide handyman in Kharkiv. .


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We offer the next services in Kharkov:

Repair works

- Go for shopping in the store (to the market);
- Installation, removal of various structures and objects;
- Repair plumbing (taps, mixers, seals, cartridges);
- Installation of toilets, baths, showers, faucets;
- Repair of electricity cables;
- Replacement of outlets, switches, lamps, lampshades;
- Installation doors and window frames;
- Installation and replacement of locks on the doors;
- Replacement filters water;
- Repair and assembling furniture;
- Cosmetic repairs;
- Cleaning of apartments, houses and offices;
- And much more ..

Help at your home

- Individual errands;
- Various work at home, apartment;
- Rearrange the furniture in the house;
- Installation and connection of home appliances;
- Setting up your computer, printer;
- Montage of paintings, cornices, curtains;
- Cleaning the house, apartment;
- Services of cook at home (casual cooking, dinner party);
- Services of cook at picnic (grill, barbecue);
- Go shopping to the supermarket for groceries, building materials, etc.;
- Oversee of the house, while you away;
- Supervise the work, builders while you away;
- Welcome guests in your absence;
- And much more ...

Help at your garden

- Felling trees;
- Demolition of hazardous trees;
- Cut down a tree piece by piece;
- Cut some emergency or simply interfering branches;
- Removal of trees in confined spaces;
- Firewood;
- Sawing logs on the block of wood;
- Cleaning in the yard, the garden;
- And much more ...

Help at your office

- Shuffle furniture in the office;
- Installation and connection of office equipment;
- Setting up and repair of computers;
- Perform personal errands;
- Performance of confidential instructions;
- Courier;
- Delivery of food parcels or in the office;
- The driver of a car for the head;
- A guard with a car for the head;
- Help and solution of non-standard situations;
- Meet and greet with delegations, visitors;
- Personal Assistant, referent;
- An administrative assistant;
- Translation from English;
- Escort traveling abroad;
- And much more...

Driver services

- Personal driver with his car;
- Personal driver on your car;
- The driver for the day;
- Sober / Drunk Driver;
- The driver of the day;
- Driver for maintenance and tire;
- English speaking driver;
- Meeting at the airport, the train station;
- The guard-driver;
- Rental of the driver;
- Night driver;
- Small auto repair at home (replacement bulbs, fuses, etc.);
- Emergency Assistance, Towing when Breakdown on the road;
- Courier by car;
- And much more

  Other agency staff will help you pick up time from work, after a birthday celebration, to take you shopping or to a meeting, or can accompany you on all sorts of events. Our company "Husband for Hire in Kharkiv� offers you a unique service for women who are currently in need of a male presence. This is not womens work, to make the repair and troubleshoot the house, to drag furniture, drive the car in hard traffic - these things always according to the laws of life must do the man.

  In addition, there are times in life, when you need to appear at the meeting or in the community in the presence of men to maintain the image, or to become object of attention. And in this case, can help too our agency "Husband for Hire in Kharkov".

  �� So if you need the services for women, requiring the man's hands and help, our company "Husband for hire in Kharkiv" very promptly will provide you with a qualified professional who will do all that is necessary, and for a modest fee. If you will try to solve your problems by yourself, this is not worth it, because if you do not have experience, it can only make the situation more worse. And to you be Better to use the services of handyman in Kharkiv.

  If you order our professional handyman in Kharkov, you will get not only the professional services and support. To you will Comes polite, respectable and sympathetic person, always ready to assist in any most difficult situation at home, at work or in your personal situation.

  � All employees of the company "Husband for Hire in Kharkov" are very carefully selected. After all, we look not only on professional, but also on the human qualities of each candidate. All the masters of "Husband for hire in Kharkov" always polite, correct and friendly!